10 Secret Beaches Around The World

10 Secret Beaches Around The World That You May Not Have Heard Of

There are plenty of beautiful beaches to be found across the globe. From the famed Copacabana in Brazil, to Bondi Beach in Australia, travellers the world over flock to golden sands every year for a taste of paradise.

But what about those beaches with a little less press? Today, let’s explore some of those spots travellers might not have previously heard of.

From all corners of the globe, here are ten strips which have gone criminally unappreciated.

1. Koh Lanta – Thailand

Owing to the continued commercialism of islands like Phuket and Phi Phi, Koh Lanta has emerged as a popular destination for travellers looking for a touch more “realism” from their Thai experience.

Koh Lanta Thailand

The residents of this fishing village are still primarily reliant on their own skills as a means of sustainability. Tourism is becoming more prevalent but still takes a backseat to the traditions of yesteryear.

Just be careful when you’re there. Drunken mishaps aren’t totally uncommon on Thai beaches – something which could set you back as much as $50,000 if you have to spend a two-week period in hospital.

2. Ibo Island – Mozambique

Made up of a whopping 32 islands, the Quirimbas archipelago is a UNESCO world heritage site which offers visitors the chance to relax in turquoise blue seas, akin to something out of paradise.


Ibo Island is the largest and most easily accessible of this number, standing out as the unofficial capital of the area.

You’ll be able to surf and snorkel around this famous series of islands, making it both a relaxing and action-packed destination.

3. Palm Beach – Barbuda

In an area of the world which is famed for its tropical luxury, it’s perhaps no great shock that somewhere with a name as run-of-the-mill as “Palm Beach” has been overlooked.

Great Bird Island, Antigua and Barbuda

In reality, this pink sanded beach (yes, pink) has something a little bit different from the norm – a Frigate bird sanctuary, which contains over 170 different species. This is one nature lovers simply can’t turn down.

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4. Bethany Beach – USA

Despite having a population size of just 1,253 (as of 2018), Bethany Beach in Delaware is a must-see location for anyone looking to kick back at a quiet, idyllic spot.

This family-friendly location is perfect for getting away and escaping the hustle and bustle of working life.

5. Navagio Beach – Greece

Arguably one of the most unique spots on the list, Navagio Beach lays between two giant limestone cliffs. This secluded area is made all the more fascinating thanks to the presence of a shipwreck.

Situated right in the middle of the beach, this spot gifts visitors the chance to explore the wreck once they’re bored of catching a tan.

6. Playa del Amor – Mexico

The only way to reach the Playa del Amor is by swimming through an underwater passageway. It’s a fairly quick trip so you won’t have to worry too much about holding your breath.

Once you’re through, you’ll find yourself in an enclosed ring of cliffs, with a luscious sandy beach at your feet.

7. Lord Howe Island – Australia

There’s nothing remote or secluded about this spot – but it feels that way, with the beach capped at 400 visitors at any given time.

Given its size, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled across something secret if you’re one of the people lucky enough to earn a place in the chosen 400.

8. Benagil Sea Cave – Portugal

Benagil Beach in Portugal has one of the most unique natural constructs you’re likely to find.

With an oculus forming on top of a sea cave – as well as a handful of entranceways – this hidden beach is only accessible via the water. It’s worth it though, with a secluded experience unmatched by any other.

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9. Porthbeor Beach – England

England might not be famed for its sandy, hot beaches – but Porthbeor in Cornwall provides visitors with the chance to escape on golden, deserted sands. The best part of this beach is the rock pools you’ll find there.

10. Kauapea Beach – Hawaii

On an island with as many beaches as Hawaii, finding an area of sand which is unknown is a hardship.

That’s why Kauapea beach is considered such a gem by the locals. It’s inaccessible by main roads and can only be found by those in the know.

Have these lesser-known locations caught your attention? If you want to travel to a beach with more charm and less people, any of the options we’ve spoken about today will provide you with what you’re after.

10 Secret Beaches Around The World That You May Not Have Heard Of

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  1. Wow! This is an interesting compilation. I had not heard about most of them earlier. I would really like to see the Palm Beach in Barbuda with its pink sand. Have been on a red beach in Santorini but pink would love to see something pink!

  2. I like the drone videos of these beaches. You have found some amazing spots and I must sadly say that I have not been to too many of these beaches. I am hoping to find some great beaches in Rarotonga soon.

  3. They all look amazing but I loved the no 1 and lord howe islands. The rest I still need to go explore. Love the list idea though.

  4. What a great compilation of some beautiful beaches! As a Floridian, I’m fond of all the gulf beaches of the Sunshine State and my favorite is St. Pete Beach!

  5. I love beaches, water, sand and everything that comes with it but i cant believe that these amazing beaches are not popular and that i had never heard of them. Thank you for sharing. Btw you did a great job with the videos, well done!!

  6. This is a very interesting compilation. I’ve done 4/10 but didn’t even know about some of the others. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. Thank you for unveiling these beaches, would love to visit these places once I get free from work. 🙂

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