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11 Travel Hacks for Cheap Flights in 2024 (Including ChatGPT)

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Get cutting-edge travel hacks for affordable airfares, from leveraging AI for cheap flight searches to flight search engines and student discounts.

Securing affordable flights, especially in the post-COVID world of travel has become an art form, requiring a strategic approach and the utilization of various resources.

Beyond the conventional methods of searching for flights on popular platforms, there exist nuanced strategies that can significantly enhance the prospects of finding budget-friendly options, particularly when planning a journey.

In this article, we delve into a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the complexities of cheap airfare hunting.

From leveraging flight search engines and setting price alerts to exploring student discounts and following airlines on social media, each strategy contributes to the arsenal of tools available to the savvy traveler.

By understanding and implementing these techniques, you can unlock low-cost airfares and add an element of adventure to your journey by exploring alternative options.

#1. Use Flight Search Engines

Flight search engines and websites are invaluable tools when it comes to hunting for affordable airfare as they can help you compare prices from various airlines.

Platforms such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak aggregate information from multiple airlines, making it easy to compare prices and identify the most cost-effective options.

To leverage these tools effectively, start by entering your departure city and your destination, then input your intended travel dates. The search engines will generate a comprehensive list of available flights, allowing you to quickly identify the best deals.

Skyscanner, for instance, employs a “Whole Month” feature that provides an overview of ticket prices across an entire month, enabling you to pinpoint the cheapest days to fly.

Google Flight Search incorporates a user-friendly interface with a calendar view, making it convenient to visualize fare fluctuations over a broader date range.

Kayak, on the other hand, offers a “Price Predictor” tool, forecasting whether flight prices are likely to rise or fall in the coming days.

By using these features and functionalities, travelers can not only find the most budget-friendly options but also take advantage of flexible date ranges to secure the best deals on flights and airfares.

In this course on How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Any Destination, you’ll explore flight deal portals that identify error fares, ultra-low-cost flights, and travel packages, and learn essential practices for effective and efficient searches for budget-friendly flights.

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#2. ChatGPT Kayak Plugin

In a groundbreaking move in March 2023, Kayak introduced an innovative travel integration featuring the AI-driven ChatGPT from OpenAI. This plugin acts as a virtual assistant, revolutionizing how users interact with the travel search engine.

Seamlessly integrated into ChatGPT, it now empowers users to engage in more natural, conversational dialogues, making the quest for affordable flights an interactive experience.

Enhancing the user experience, the Kayak plugin goes beyond basic inquiries, allowing users to pose personalized questions like “Which budget-friendly flights are available from NYC to London in June?”

Tailoring queries with specific criteria such as budget constraints and culinary preferences is a breeze. Planning your travels has never been more accessible, thanks to this dynamic synergy.

The Kayak plugin for ChatGPT not only presents a curated list of available flight options but also streamlines the booking process with direct links for seat reservations.

Their recommendations are meticulously crafted, drawing insights from search criteria and historical data, ensuring users access to the best-suited options.

The Kayak integration with ChatGPT functions as a revolutionary travel assistant, combining the capabilities of a powerful language model with the practicality of a travel search engine. Here’s how this innovative system works:

  • Conversational Interactions

Users engage in natural, conversational dialogues with ChatGPT. Instead of relying on traditional search queries, they can ask questions and seek information in a more interactive and human-like manner.

  • Dynamic Query Personalization

Users have the flexibility to personalize their queries by adding specific criteria, such as budget constraints, preferred amenities, or particular dates. This allows for a more tailored and user-centric search experience.

  • Flight Search and Recommendations

The integration facilitates real-time flight searches through Kayak. Users can inquire about available flights, seek budget-friendly options, and receive curated recommendations based on their personalized queries.

  • Streamlined Booking Process

Once the Kayak plugin generates a list of available flight options, it provides users with direct links to book seats immediately. This streamlines the booking process and enhances the overall efficiency of planning and securing travel arrangements.

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  • Data-Driven Recommendations

KAYAK’s recommendations are not arbitrary; they are based on a comprehensive analysis of search criteria and historical data. This ensures that users receive well-informed suggestions that align with their preferences and requirements.

  • Natural Language Understanding

ChatGPT’s understanding of natural human language allows it to interpret nuanced queries and provide nuanced responses. For example, users can ask for restaurant recommendations with specific details like dietary preferences and location, and the system can deliver personalized suggestions.

  • User-Friendly and Accessible Travel Planning

The integration aims to make travel planning more accessible and user-friendly. By merging the capabilities of an AI language model and a travel search engine, users can seamlessly navigate the complexities of finding cheap flights and personalized recommendations.

In essence, the KAYAK and ChatGPT integration transforms the travel planning experience by making it more conversational, intuitive, and tailored to individual preferences, ultimately setting a new standard for the intersection of artificial intelligence and travel technology.

This groundbreaking integration marks a milestone in the realm of travel technology, offering a user-friendly, conversational approach to flight searches and personalized recommendations, setting a new standard for travel planning convenience.

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#3. Choose Flexible Dates

Taking advantage of flexible travel dates can significantly impact the affordability of your flight. Use the flexible dates option on search engines such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak to identify cheaper fares.

These platforms typically offer a calendar view, allowing you to visualize price variations over a range of dates. Weekdays and off-peak seasons often present more economical options.

Flying mid-week, for example, is frequently cheaper than opting for weekend travel. Additionally, visiting certain destinations during the off-peak season can result in lower airfare due to decreased demand.

Skyscanner’s “Whole Month” feature is particularly helpful in this regard, providing an overview of ticket prices across an entire month.

Google Flight Search also facilitates flexible date searches, displaying a matrix of prices based on different departure and return dates.

Kayak’s user-friendly interface includes a flexible dates grid, enabling you to pinpoint the most cost-effective travel periods.

By remaining adaptable with your travel dates, you enhance your chances of buying cheap flights, ensuring a more economical journey to your destination.

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#4. Set Price Alerts

One savvy strategy for finding cheap flights is to set up price alerts on flight search engines. Platforms like Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak offer this convenient feature, allowing travelers to stay informed about fluctuations in ticket prices for their chosen route.

To set up a price alert, enter your departure city and your destination, along with your preferred travel dates. The search engine will then prompt you to enable price alerts, typically by email or push notification.

Once activated, the system will monitor the selected route and notify you when prices drop. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who have flexibility in their travel dates, as it enables you to capitalize on opportune moments when airfares are at their lowest.

It’s a proactive approach to securing the best deal, especially when planning ahead. By receiving timely notifications, you can make informed decisions about when to book, ensuring that you snag the most cost-effective flight options for your journey.

Setting price alerts is a practical and efficient way to navigate the dynamic nature of airfare pricing and optimize savings on your travel expenses.

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#5. Book in Advance

Booking your flight well in advance is a classic strategy to increase the likelihood of securing lower prices for your journey.

Airlines often offer discounted airfares for travelers who plan and book their flights ahead of time. This is especially true for popular routes and peak travel seasons when demand is high.

However, it’s crucial to note that while booking in advance is a common practice, it might not always guarantee the lowest prices.

Airfare can be subject to dynamic changes influenced by factors such as airline promotions, sales, and sudden fluctuations in demand. To maximize your chances of finding the best flight deals, it’s advisable to check prices regularly, even after initial booking.

Use flight search engines like Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak to monitor fare variations. These platforms often provide insights into historical price trends, helping you make informed decisions about when to book.

Additionally, signing up for newsletters from airlines and travel agencies can keep you informed about upcoming promotions and exclusive discounts, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities to further reduce your travel costs.

In this course on How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Any Destination, you’ll understand the intricacies of airline pricing to master the art of booking $20 flights.

In summary, while booking in advance is a good starting point, remaining vigilant and adaptable to changing prices will help you secure the most economical flight.

Regularly checking for updates ensures you don’t miss out on potential savings and take advantage of any last-minute flight deals that may arise.

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#6. Check Nearby Airports

Exploring nearby airports is a strategic approach to potentially finding more affordable flights. Often, flying into a neighboring airport and then utilizing ground transportation can result in cost savings.

When conducting your flight search on platforms like Skyscanner, Google Flights, or Kayak, consider expanding your search to include nearby airports in addition to your primary destination.

For example, if you’re flying to Palawan, remember that it is served by multiple airports, including Puerto Princesa International Airport, El Nido Airport, and Coron Busuanga Airport.

Depending on your exact destination on the island, you may find that flights to one of these airports are more budget-friendly than others.

Additionally, major cities or hubs near Palawan, such as Manila, might offer competitive rates, allowing you to explore different arrival points and travel routes. By being open to alternative airports, you increase your chances of discovering more economical options.

Keep in mind that while this approach may involve a bit of extra planning, the potential savings on airfare could make it a worthwhile strategy for budget-conscious travelers.

Always factor in the cost and convenience of ground transportation from the alternative airport to your final destination when evaluating the overall feasibility of this option.

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#7. Consider Budget Airlines

Considering flights offered by budget airlines is a key strategy in finding cheaper airfare. Budget carriers are known for offering lower base fares compared to traditional airlines, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious travelers.

To use Palawan as an example, some popular budget airlines that operate in various regions include AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, and Scoot.

When searching for budget airline flights, use dedicated search engines and websites that specialize in displaying low-cost carrier options. Additionally, major flight search engines like Skyscanner and Kayak often include budget airlines in their search results.

While budget airlines may offer enticing initial prices, it’s essential to be mindful of additional fees that may apply. These can include charges for checked baggage, seat selection, in-flight meals, and other amenities.

Before booking, carefully review the airline’s fee structure to ensure that the overall cost remains within your budget. Some travelers prioritize budget airlines for short-haul or direct flights, where the absence of certain amenities may be more tolerable.

In this course on How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Any Destination, you’ll familiarize yourself with budget carriers in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Latin America and learn how to optimize your travel budget by choosing low-cost airlines.

By considering budget airlines and factoring in potential additional fees, you can make an informed decision that aligns with both your budget and travel preferences. Keep in mind that flexibility in terms of travel dates and times may increase your chances of finding the best deals with budget carriers.

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#8. Check Airline Websites

After discovering a promising deal on a flight search engine, it’s wise to visit the official website of the airline offering the fare or download the airline flight booking app.

Airline websites often feature exclusive promotions, discounts, or special offers that may not be available through third-party platforms. This step is particularly relevant for airlines that may have their own loyalty programs or limited-time promotions.

Once on the airline’s website, navigate to the booking section and enter your travel details, including the specific dates and destination. Airlines frequently showcase their best airfares directly to customers on their official sites as part of marketing initiatives to encourage direct bookings.

Moreover, some airlines provide additional perks when booking directly, such as flexibility in ticket changes, preferred seating options, or bonus miles for their loyalty program members.

By cross-referencing the cheap flight deal you found on the flight search engine with the airline’s official website, you ensure that you are not missing out on any exclusive discounts or benefits.

In this course on How to Find the Cheapest Flights to Any Destination, you’ll learn how to uncover the lowest fares on airline websites and utilize Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for the best prices.

Explore flight deal portals that identify error fares, ultra-low-cost flights, and travel packages, and follow essential practices for effective and efficient searches for budget-friendly flights.

Remember to also consider factors like baggage policies and any other terms and conditions that might affect the overall value of the flight. This extra step in the booking process can contribute to a more informed and potentially more economical travel decision.

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#9. Use Points and Miles

Leveraging frequent flyer miles or credit card points is a valuable strategy for reducing the cost of your flight. Many airlines have loyalty programs that allow you to accumulate miles or points based on your travel history with them.

Additionally, credit card rewards programs often offer opportunities to earn points that can be redeemed for flights. Here’s how you can make the most of points and miles:

  • Check Loyalty Program Balances

Log in to your airline’s loyalty program account and check your mileage balance. If you have accrued a significant number of miles, you may be eligible to redeem them for a discounted or even free flight.

  • Explore Credit Card Rewards

Review your credit card rewards program to see if you have accumulated points that can be used for travel. Many credit cards offer flexible redemption options, allowing you to offset the cost of flights or other travel expenses.

  • Combine Points and Cash

Some loyalty programs and credit card platforms allow you to use a combination of points and cash to book a flight. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t have enough points to cover the entire cost.

frequent flyer miles

  • Look for Promotions

Periodically, airlines and credit card companies offer promotions or bonuses for using points to book flights. Keep an eye out for these special deals to maximize your savings.

  • Consider Transfer Partners

Some credit card programs allow you to transfer points to partner airlines. Explore whether transferring points to an airline that serves your destination is a more cost-effective option.

Before redeeming points or miles, be aware of any blackout dates, restrictions, or fees associated with the redemption process. Additionally, consider the value of your points to ensure that using them for a particular flight represents a good deal compared to other redemption options.

In the Travel Hacking for Free Flights Course (exclusively for the US), you’ll unlock the world of free travel to experience the globe without spending a dime by utilizing complimentary airline miles.

Learn how to enjoy $1,000 flights at no cost, and slash 95% off both international and domestic airfare. Accumulate hundreds of thousands of free airline miles annually, facilitating up to three international trips and five domestic trips per year.

By strategically using your points and miles, you can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for your journey.

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#10. Leverage Student or Group Discounts

Exploring student or group discounts is a savvy approach to finding cost-effective flights. Several airlines provide special rates for students or offer discounts for large groups traveling together. Here’s how to take advantage of these opportunities:

Student Discounts

  • Verify Eligibility: Confirm if the airline offers student discounts and determine the eligibility criteria. Typically, this involves being a registered student with a valid student ID.
  • Check Airline Websites: Visit the official website of the airline you’re interested in and navigate to their student or youth travel section. Some airlines have dedicated pages outlining their student discount programs.
  • Use Student Travel Agencies: Consider using student-focused travel agencies that may have partnerships with airlines to provide exclusive discounts for students.

Group Discounts

  • Minimum Number of Travelers: Understand the minimum number of travelers required to qualify for group discounts. This number can vary by airline.
  • Contact the Airline Directly: Reach out to the airline’s group booking department directly. Airlines often have specific teams that handle group reservations and can provide information on available discounts.
  • Utilize Group Travel Agencies: Group travel agencies may specialize in securing discounts for large groups. Explore these agencies to benefit from their expertise in organizing group travel.
  • Book in Advance: Group discounts often require advance booking. Plan and book well in advance to secure the best rates for your group.

By exploring student or group discounts, you can potentially unlock substantial savings on your flight expenses.

Keep in mind that eligibility criteria and discount terms may vary between airlines, so it’s essential to thoroughly review the details and conditions associated with these special offers.

Whether you’re a student or part of a large group, taking advantage of these discounts can contribute to a more budget-friendly travel experience.

flight discounts social media

#11. Follow Airlines on Social Media

Monitoring airlines on social media is a smart strategy for staying informed about special promotions and discounts, potentially leading to cheaper flight deals. Here’s how you can effectively leverage social media platforms:

  • Follow Airlines on Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Airlines frequently use social media channels to communicate directly with their audience. Follow the official pages of airlines to receive real-time updates on promotions, flash sales, and exclusive discounts.

  • Download the airline app

Downloading travel apps or airline flight booking apps can give you easy access to exclusive deals, promo codes, and push notifications about flash sales or limited-time promotions.

Additionally, app users may enjoy special discounts, loyalty rewards, and streamlined booking processes, enhancing the overall convenience and potential savings when booking flights.

  • Turn on Notifications

Enable notifications for the airlines you follow to ensure you receive instant alerts when they post about new deals. This way, you won’t miss time-sensitive promotions.

  • Participate in Contests and Giveaways

Airlines often run social media contests and giveaways that may include free or discounted flights. Engaging with these promotions increases your chances of accessing special offers.

  • Join Loyalty Programs or Subscriber Lists

Some airlines may share exclusive promotions with their loyalty program members or subscribers. Consider joining these programs or subscribing to newsletters for insider access to deals.

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  • Search for Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags on social media platforms to search for discussions and posts related to airline promotions. This can help you discover deals that others may be sharing.

  • Stay Active during Sale Seasons

Airlines often announce sales during specific seasons or holidays. Keep a close eye on social media platforms during these periods, as airlines may share limited-time offers.

By staying engaged on social media, you can gain access to exclusive promotions that may not be widely advertised. It’s a dynamic and interactive way to keep abreast of the latest flight deals or discount coupon codes and potentially secure significant discounts on flights.

Remember to act promptly when you spot a promotion, as some offers may have limited availability or specific booking windows. Also remember that prices can vary, and it’s a good idea to compare options across multiple platforms.

Additionally, be cautious about the terms and conditions, including baggage fees and any other hidden costs that might affect the overall affordability of the flight.

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In the quest for the perfect budget flight, a multifaceted approach yields the best results. From harnessing the power of technology through flight search engines to embracing the perks of loyalty programs and group discounts, the possibilities are vast.

Social media emerges as a dynamic player, providing real-time access to exclusive promotions and flash sales. As travelers, being proactive and adaptable in our search for cost-effective flights is paramount.

By integrating these strategies, you can not only find economical options but also embark on your journey with the satisfaction of having secured the best possible deal.

So, whether you’re a student seeking discounts, a group planning an adventure, or an individual aiming for flexibility, this comprehensive guide empowers you to navigate the skies with confidence and financial prudence.

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