10 Of The Best Travel Magazines In India (And Why We Love Them)

A Job fills your pockets but travel fills your soul. Wouldn’t you agree?

Since time immemorial, humans have sought to explore different places. In the old days, travel was undertaken to look for fertile lands and rich water resources. Today, our fight is for the sanctity of our soul in a time when it is easy to get lost in an increasingly fast-paced life.

From crudely shaped drawings on cave walls to glossy pages of words and photographs, we’ve come a long way. A few decades earlier, travel was the sole luxury of the rich and the extremely brave who were ready to venture out in an unknown world.

There’s something addictive about having a magazine in your hands. The past decade has seen many magazines pop up to cater to the need for information on travel. So apart from travel information, what can you expect from a magazine, when so much information is available digitally?

While people read online for convenience, it’s hard to resist the charm of smooth, shiny pages with colourful pictures. Magazines, like people, have personalities. Think of them as friends who are here to help you.

You have the thoughtful friend who knows you well and is aware of everything you like. This friend gives you information that you may not get from others. Then you have the nerdy friend who has information about absolutely everything and gives you what you need without much effort on your part.

Some friends are warm, friendly and full of stories. They take you on a journey with their words and create vivid pictures for you.

Your photographer friend’s pictures tell you a thousand words. There is no necessity for too many words when you have such beautiful pictures in front of you. Sometimes, that is really all the inspiration you need.

You also have the friend who is extremely good with numbers and knows about every sale, discount and promotional offer. Having this friend means you’ll always know where to shop from.

And then there’s this friend who loves getting people together for a trip. They think everyone should travel and experience life. They’re the ones who talk to the shy person in the corner and bring them out of their shells making fun accessible to everyone!

These are just a few personalities that magazine can take. With the variety in the market, there are so many possibilities to choose from. We bring to you some of the best friends that you can find to see you through the thick and thin of a traveller’s life.

With these 10 Indian travel magazines, travel has become a reality instead of a yearning that could never be fulfilled.

10 Of The Best Travel Magazines In India (And Why We Love Them)

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    It is true travelling fills soul with happiness. It gives great joy to live longer to explore the known world when fastest means of traveling is available..

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