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Review Of Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort In Mexico

The Grand Sirenis is a luxury resort in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula that I loved so much that I have actually been there on three different holidays!

Yes, it is fair to say that I am a regular. But it isn’t just the resort that I love so much, but the area as well.

I truly think that if you want to take a luxury vacation to Mexico, then you should consider checking out the Yucatan especially the area between Playa del Carmen and Tulum!

And, if you are going to this area then the Grand Sirenis is an option for a great place to stay!

Where is the Grand Sirenis Located?

The Grand Sirenis is located about halfway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum in the beautiful Mayan Riviera. The closest international airport is in Cancun which is about a 3-hour drive away.

While it isn’t necessarily close to the airport, the remoteness is what makes the location so special. The resort is right on the beach offering lots of swimming and snorkelling in the Caribbean Sea.

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It takes about 30 minutes by car to get into the touristic booming city of Playa del Carmen or the smaller but equally as beautiful town of Tulum.

What is there to do near the Grand Sirenis?

Because of the Grand Sirenis’ location in the Mayan Riviera, a there is a ton of things to do and see near the resort! One of my personal Mexico highlights would be exploring Cenotes which are large natural pools in the ground.

Some are intricate cave systems and some connect with rivers, but they are all fun to swim and scuba dive in and make for an adventure!

Cenote Ik kil

There are also many amusement/adventure parks nearby. Xel-Ha, Xcaret, and Rio Secreto are just a few of the most popular. I personally loved exploring Xel-Ha.

I went tubing in a natural river and conquered the water-based obstacle course. Xel-Ha even hosts special events throughout the year to celebrate certain Mexican holidays and festivals such as Day of the Dead.

There are also many different ruins to check out near the Grand Sirenis. You could go see one of the wonders of the world Chichen Itza on a day trip organized right at the resort, or explore the Tulum Ruins, or even go to the Coba Ruins.

chichen itza

A tour of ruins is a great way to learn about the Mayan history and immerse yourself in the culture.

Going to different beaches or visiting Playa del Carmen or Tulum are also popular things to do near the Grand Sirenis.

What makes the Grand Sirenis special?

There are a couple things about the Grand Sirenis that I think sets it apart from some of the other resorts in the area.

For me, the best is the snorkelling available right at the resort. Many resorts only have a sandy beach and there are no rocks or fish to look at.

But at the Grand Sirenis, they have a sandy beach and rocky area which attracts tons of fish! Bring your snorkel or rent one and go exploring in the sea!

exploring a cenote

The other thing that is unique to the Grand Sirenis is the “Lazy River.” While there are several pools throughout the resort, the lazy river is a special feature. It is a man-made river system that winds throughout the entire resort grounds.

The supply air-filled tubes and then you jump in the river and float around the resort with a drink in hand! It makes for a very relaxing way to explore the resort and is more entertaining than just sitting poolside.

The atmosphere at this resort is also very special. There is a mix of families, couples, wedding parties, and partiers that all mix together and seems to work.

one of the pools

The staff keep everyone smiling with games and the bartenders love to have a good laugh. But at the same time, there are plenty of places isolated for those who want to relax or have a fine-dining experience.

What are the food and service like?

To be completely honest, I have been to resorts with better food. One of the Grand Sirenis’ strong points is not its food. They do have “a la carte” restaurants which I find are a lot better than the buffet.

While the food isn’t always amazing, there is always a ton of it and you will not find yourself going hungry during your stay there!

food at the restaurant

The staff are generally happy and helpful. Some of them don’t speak English but still will greet you with a smile and find another staff member who does speak English to help you if needed.

The biggest downside to the resort is the paper-based reservation system which makes checking in extremely slow and often incorrect.

Is the Grand Sirenis good value?

Overall I think a vacation at the Grand Sirenis is the great value. With the rooms, you get all you can eat food, a la carte restaurants for dinner, unlimited drinks and access to the beautiful resort!

exploring the resort

While it isn’t perfect, it is for the great value that I keep returning. I know that if I need a vacation and an escape from reality that the Grand Sirenis resort will leave me feeling refreshed after a fun and relaxing holiday.

Review Of Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort In Mexico

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  1. Once you find a resort you love, it’s hard to stop going back again and again. I love the Riviera Maya area because there is so much to do. I really like both the denotes and exploring Mayan ruins. Great resort to stay at.

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