Google Maps List: My Favourite Hangouts In Pune #LetsGuide

As a Level 6 Google Local Guide, I was quite enthused when Google asked us to create a list of our own on Google Maps. It offered us 3 tips to get our lists featured on their channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Connect:

1. Give your list a clear title, so people know what it’s about

2. Say more about your list in the Description, and add #LetsGuide

3. Include at least 5 local places that fit your theme

So I created a curated list of my favourite hangouts in Pune where I love to have a coffee, watch a movie or just kill time. One of them is also my favourite restaurant that serves authentic Goan food.

Of course, all of these are places not too far from where I live (NIBM Road) and hang out quite often, so I may have missed out on a lot of very nice places in other areas of Pune. If you feel that I should include your restaurant or hang out in this list, email me at avastĀ (at) ahoymatey (dot) blog and let me know.

Check out a video of my list below and click here to visit it on Google Maps.

Are you a Google Local Guide? Do share a link to your own lists in the comments below.

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