Google Maps List: My Favourite Hangouts In Pune #LetsGuide

As a Level 6 Google Local Guide, I was quite enthused when Google asked us to create a list of our own on Google Maps. It offered us 3 tips to get our lists featured on their channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Connect:

1. Give your list a clear title, so people know what it’s about

2. Say more about your list in the Description, and add #LetsGuide

3. Include at least 5 local places that fit your theme

So I created a curated list of my favourite hangouts in Pune where I love to have a coffee, watch a movie or just kill time. One of them is also my favourite restaurant that serves authentic Goan food.

Of course, all of these are places not too far from where I live (NIBM Road) and hang out quite often, so I may have missed out on a lot of very nice places in other areas of Pune. If you feel that I should include your restaurant or hang out in this list, email me at avast (at) ahoymatey (dot) blog and let me know.

Check out a video of my list below and click here to visit it on Google Maps.

Are you a Google Local Guide? Do share a link to your own lists in the comments below.

Priya Florence Shah

Priya Florence Shah

Priya Florence Shah is an author, blogger and travel writer. She loves vacations that involve peace and quiet but loves nature, wildlife, art, history and culture too. You can connect with her @PriyaFlorence

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